Friday, November 24, 2006

24: on being twenty

Since turning twenty I have:
  • lost one friend, alienated several others, and ruined a several-year relationship with The (Ex) Boy -- who I will never mention here again at the fear of being dooced -- all through my own stupidity and destructive behavior
  • defeated my internet addiction (I'm only on all of the time now because I haven't got anything else to do)
  • bought a new fish to replace my last one, Laertes, who I killed in a tragic accident with a bathroom sink
  • written most of a book
  • run away to europe for two months. paid for it all myself. survived. thrived.
  • cut off over a foot of hair
  • read maybe fifty books (I do not have my book journal at work with me and so do not have the exact number)
  • decided to go back to school
  • did I mention EUROPE? Eight foreign countries? Feeding myself, navigating twisty streets and train stations, fending off amorous frenchmen? Surviving in Paris alone despite not speaking french and being terrified out of my mind?
  • forcibly asserted my independence from the family
  • changed
And there are still seven months left.

p.s. Nablopomo is finally defeating me. Can't. Sentence. Properly. Maybe tomorrow I'll just post something from a notebook that I've already written.

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